Xujun Qin

QIN Xujun

Hunan Cosom Care Products Co., Ltd

Mr. Qin Xujun, chairman of Hunan Cosom Care Products Co., Ltd and founder of the brand Baken, has led the team to develop the industry's first ultra-thin prefabricated core, multi-layer and multi-zoning prefabricated core, the intelligent warning diaper called "MOMMY KNOWS", medical care level baby diapers and other products. As the role model of craftsmanship spirit and representative of innovation and entrepreneurship, Mr. Qin has been interviewed by CCTV for several times, and has won various awards such as " Man of the Year" of China Baby industry Summit (CBIS), "Best Technology Innovation Award" and "Outstanding Industrial Entrepreneur" of China Marketing Grand Ceremony.


Joint Innovation of Industry Chain and How It Propel the Industry High Quality Development

Friday, October 26, 2018 - 09:00

JIN Liwei, Hangzhou Coco
QIN Xujun, Hunan Kangcheng
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There are various innovation models. How to effectively assemble industry resources to build an integrated platform and to achieve interconnected innovation? This may be a new opportunity for future industry development, so as to improve the industry ecosystem, to achieve synergy among all links of the industrial chain to finally achieve resource optimization, competition differentiation and product diversification to meet the needs of different consumer market levels.